About us

We are a virtual meeting place, a venue where Coaches from different areas of expertise and from different parts of the world can meet coaching clients / Coachees; in order to be able to have personal Coaching session via video with their client using the video outlet of their choice (Skype, FaceTime, Teams, Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc).

For the Coaching Client / Coachee the conveniente of and the support from one of coaches and being able to pick the day and time of your sessions is definitely and added value! Your session could be anywhere and at anytime from the comfort of your office, home or  where ever convenient place you choose.

Videocoachme.com is based om convenience and support, this adds value to your personal and professional life.

Becoming a member of our videocoachme family is absolutely free for coaches and coaching client / coaches. Please join now and start searching our coaches data base.

Videocoachme is a win win situation. Having the ability to get help from an especific coach when you need it and being able to schedule yourself for session is one of the amazing features we offer to both parties “Coach and Coachees” control you very own calendar at you convenience.
Registering as a member is absolutely free for everyone “Coaches and Coachees”

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